DX-Pedition to Europe's youngest country Kosovo. Z68UR by Max ON5UR.

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United-Radio Guestbook

 DL5BL • Bernd Lauche • Germany

Vielen Dank Max für prima OP-Arbeit trotz QRM wie geschrieben. Danke auch an QSL-Mn Tim für die schnelle positive Antwort.
Tolle Webseite und mach einfach weiter so, viel gesundheit!

73′ Bernd – DL5BL

 G7IRU • Carlo Hosegood England

Just had a contact with Z68UR under difficult conditions due to the noise on frequency and another operator who obviously couldn’t hear Z68UR or didn’t care he was operating on the frequency first. Good contact and good procedures from the Z68UR operator, well done.

73′ Carlo – G7IRU

 M0KCM • Ian Sweatman • England

Thanks for the new datamode dxcc. Beam is currently stuck at 270 deg so very pleased to make the contact easily.
Good luck with your remaining time in Z6.

73′ Ian – M0KCM

 PD3AL • Andre L. • The Netherlands

Bedankt Max voor het leuke qso op 20 meter.
Have fun in Kosovo.

73′ Andre – PD3AL

 MM0XXW • Martyn Whyte • Scotland

Nice to work you and I appreciate the contact despite your high noise levels!
Wish you every success.

73′ Martyn – MM0XXW

 ZL3GQ • Graham M. Hunter • New Zealand

Kiaora Max,

I am hoping to work you form ZL and will be looking for you on all bands, Voacap suggest 29% chance at 0500 – 0700 utc 0n 20 metres.
I will be looking for you, Thanks for being in Kosovo it will be ATNO if we make it 🙂

73′ Graham – ZL3GQ

 ZL4QJ • Sutton Burtenshaw • New Zealand

VOA Cap Professional shows best 20m for ZL is at 0400UTC. Will be watching out for you.

73′ Sutton – ZL4QJ

  SWL • Paul Smith • UK

Great reception from you tonight here on the south coast of the uk on the 40m band while using my Kenwood R5000.

73′ Paul – SWL

  ON6AT • Patrick Elyn • Belgium

Dag Max,

Blij dat ik je kon werken op 40m op 21/08/2018 om 22:25 UTC. Uw signaal was beter op de G5RV maar moest het qso doen met de Vert. R8 antenne.
Spijtig van de QRM.

73′ Patrick – ON6AT

  ON6CC • Marc Cosemans • Belgium

Beautiful site Max! Really profesionally made! Enjoy your stay over there and hopefully you can help me with some bandpoints and new modes for my DXCC!

73′ Marc – ON6CC

  VE3LYC • Cezar Trifu • Canada

Hi Max,

Very sad to learn from your website of Alain’s (ON4BAV) passing at the end of July. Crushing ‘news’… Alain and I corresponded from time to time. He shared with me that he lived for many years with MS, and went through very depressive moments due to intense pains. It was in part the IOTA chasing that kept him going, motivated and focused on a goal. I don’t think that it weakened the pains, but kept him fighting this terrible illness. Alain was a very passionate DXer and IOTA chaser, with 1035+ groups confirmed. Two years ago he wrote to me: “I confess that I have thought many times of stopping with the hobby [due to my MS pains], but your expeditions kept me going.” So long, Alain, I’ll miss your fighting spirit…

Good luck with our Z6 operation plan. I will be looking for you on 10 and 12 m. I know that propagation conditions are difficult, but I’ll keep the faith, hi.

Warm regards, Cezar – VE3LYC.

  ON7CL • Rudi Claes • Belgium

Mooie website, hoop je te werken, ben QRV holiday style, 5W QRP 🙂

73′ Rudi – ON7CL

  ON4BAV familie • Martine Van de Laer • Belgium

Heel erg bedankt Max voor deze mooie hulde aan mijn broer ON4BAV. Ik hoop dat hij je van hierboven kan volgen.

Martine – zus van ON4BAV

  ON3BEN • Benny Luyckx • Belgium

Veel plezier en heel veel qso’s in Kosovo ik hoop je te horen en qso met je te maken tot horens Max.

73′ Benny – ON3BEN

  ON2ZZA • Bert Celis • Belgium

Veel succes in Kosovo, geniet ervan. Prachtige site.

73′ Bert – ON2ZZA

  ON5DZ • Kurt None • Belgium

Mooi initatief! Ik kijk er naar uit om een poging te wagen!

73′ Kurt – ON5DZ

  ON6AT • Patrick Elyn • Belgium

Een mooie website Max, veel succes aan u en aan het team voor het slagen van deze DX-peditie. Ik kijk er al naar uit om door de pile up te geraken.

Good luck, good DX, 73′ Patrick – ON6AT

  ON8ZL • Frederik Dudal • Belgium

Schitterende site. Enorm veel succes met de DX-peditie naar Kosovo! Ik zal proberen contact te leggen.

73′ Frederik – ON8ZL

  PD1LVK • Louis van Kempen • The Netherlands

Heel veel succes met de dx-peditie en veel QSO’s en hoop je te ontmoeten op één van de banden.

73′ Louis – PD1LVK

  ON3EA • Vandonninck Eddy • Belgium

Mooie site Max! Veel succes gewenst ginder en hoop je te werken.

73′ Eddy – ON3EA

  ON2UR • Nijs Mirella • Belgium

Veel succes in Kosovo en vooral genieten van je DX-peditie.

88′ Mirella – ON2UR

  ON7COB • Koen Cosyns • Belgium

Max, volgende keer ga ik mee!
73′ vriend!

Koen – ON7COB

  ON8GL • Glenn Cobbaert • Belgium

Veel QSO’s gewenst ginder! Website ziet er goed uit.

73′ Glenn – ON8GL

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